the life of the robot

cropped-NEO-CLUB-mariocop-2.jpg-Kopie-2.jpgMario Hammer And The Lonely Robot has released on Traumschallplatten / BineMusic / Telrae and Babiczstyle.

Life is a mystery. The more impressive that some people have the gift to express this mystery in an artistic way. Perhaps Mario Hammer and And The Lonely Robot itself
is a mystery, which is strictly opposed to an explanation. But this blind spot, this great emptiness, has the power to make music come to life and to move a step closer to the meaning and purpose of this mystery. Already the debut album L’esprit de L’escalier was a complete success and gave the listeners a wonderful differentness. On 02.06.2017 the new album Je L’ai Câlissée Là by Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot will be released by BineMusic.

Live, love, laugh. Pain, shame, guilt. Grief, consolation, action. Hope, healing, helplessness. Loneliness, egoism, disappointment.Transitless, we experience a harmonious combination of all these and many more emotions that mesmerize us hypnotically. Here you are confronted with the truth. Uniquely smartly packaged, we may have to end up with the fact that what we can feel from the one minute to the next is, indeed, irritable and engaging, but that exactly this property makes us human. The ten very different titles devoted to different languages and proverbs take us on a journey throughout the emotional worlds of human existence. Or can the interpret be psyochologized at this point and should we rather speak of the journey throughout his sentiment? Mario Hammer’s music is a time of reflection and pondering. He calls it life experience. We may be part of this realization and perhaps we will be aware ofhow often we can find ourselves in the tracks.

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Richie Hawtin, Sasha, Agoria, John Digweed, Luke Warren, Dominik Eulberg, Denny Tenaglia, Ryan Davis, Extrawelt, Edu Imbernon, Jimmy Van M and many more…

TJ Norris / Resident Advisor (USA)

Derek Miller / Resident Advisor (UK)

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