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Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot – Définition Synematique

With „Définition Synematique“ Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot presents us his third studio album. Those who know him and his sound will know that besides the extraordinarily sweet robot, analog synthesizers will not be missing. His love for various electronic sound worlds and deep bass harmonies is a predicate. One that he lives out above all in his playful dexterity of words and language. Thus the title of the new album already contains a fusion of language and art beforehand. With every single composition and with the help of various expressions, Mario Hammer succeeds in giving the listener a precise and open view of other cultures. With ease he manages to constantly surprise with his almost infinite range of sounds. „Définition Synematique“ will be released on Cocoon Recordings early next year, allowing the listener to enter a sound landscape whose aesthetics cannot be attributed to the former Düsseldorf or Berlin electronic sound either. No, on his new work he succeeds in creating an encompassing sound design that takes us by the hand to walk through different moods together.

Modern ambience and contemporary electronica unite on „Définition Synematique“, with an unparalleled variety of sound aesthetics. Many great musicians and protagonists of these genres can be recognized as role models of Hammer. But Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot is able to shine with his own handwriting. One more  reason to get involved with the album as a whole without making comparisons.  This outstanding art has its very own quality in word and sound.

Cocoon Recordings is proud and happy to discover another German artist who takes his own steps on the paths of great names. At this year’s „Superbooth 2018“ Mario Hammer and his Lonely Robot will already play a few tracks from next year’s album. So we can be very curious what the two of them will present to us there!


„lonely circuits“
the full interview Keyboards – Electronic Music Instruments magzine about my second album, synthesizers and robots




Hearing introduction:

Life is a mystery. What’s more impressive is that some people are gifted with theability to express this mystery in an artistic way. Perhaps Mario Hammer and TheLonely Robot itself is a mystery, which is strictly opposed to an explanation. Withinthis blind spot, this great emptiness, it has the power to make music come to life andto move a step closer to the meaning and purpose of this mystery. Already, the debut album L’esprit de L’escalier was a complete success and gave the listeners a wonderful sense of uniqueness. On 02.06.2017 the new album Je L’ai Câlissée Là by Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot will be released by BineMusic. Live, laugh, love. Pain, shame, guilt. Grief, consolation, action. Hope, healing, helplessness. Loneliness, egoism, disappointment. In transit, we experience a harmonious combination of all these and many more emotions that hypnotically mesmerize us. Here, you are confronted with the truth. Uniquely and intelligently packaged, we may have to accept the fact that what we can feel from one minute to the next is, although irritable and engaging, it is in fact that very characteristic that makes us human. The ten very different titles devoted to different languages and proverbs take us on a journey throughout the emotional worlds of human existence. Or can the interpretation be psychologized at this point and should we rather speak of the journey throughout his sentiment? Mario Hammer’s music is a time of reflection and pondering. He calls it life experience. We may be part of this realization and perhaps will be aware of how often we can find ourselves within the tracks. It is both the creativity, as well as the enormous sensitivity to sounds and sound colors that make up this album. For fourteen months Mario Hammer, in collaboration with Josef Steinbüchel, has developed an emotion and sound carousel that not only touches our senses, but also stimulates us to think.

The album is pleasantly and gently opened with the track Y’aburnee (Arabic) and triggers an emotional chaos, almost by mistake, by its clever composition. Can I be selfish when it comes to the death of another loved one? Tarvotur (Icelandic) gives no answer to this question, because instead, tears may be the answer. It is up to each individual to decide whether these tears spring from sadness, joy or anger. They are present within this track, proving to be an excellent way to answer a question that may have no answer, as Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan) represents us further. The proverb encompasses the meaning of a wordless but meaningful gaze shared by two people, who wish to initiate something, but still hesitate to take the first step. Is Je L’ai Câlissée Là (French) the end of this story? At first it seems so, because the track moves us into a thoughtful, and increasingly saddened mood, and comes to a conclusion, abruptly ending with something that one felt as beautiful, as romantic and grand. Soft tones embrace the painful thought of having to send this only person away, someone who has held this hand for so long and would never have willingly let go, but in the end did just that. The deep impulses that lead the track Tenalach (Irish) after a thoughtful phase, suggests something different. Pain is part of love. Both are indispensable in a rhythmic and mutually dependent combination. It makes no difference whether we cover up feelings, or lie to ourselves with a view into the sky, life consists of Gezelligheid (Dutch), as the corresponding track expresses greatly. A mesmerizing mixture of slow and fast rhythms fit into an unstoppable, yet pleasant ride. At the same time, however, it is also possible to call Backpfeifengesicht (German). This exclamation is probably more ironic, perhaps with a little pinch of truth, which the track expresses through impulses and mutually complementary tones. Perhaps there is also a smile behind it, and then it is quiet again. The transition to Aay’han (Mando’a) can be compared with a true line of thought that begins slowly and then crescendos, building upon it, becoming more and more loud and powerful. This bittersweet, yet at the same time, perfect moment of grief and joy, in which you realize that those who have lost or who are gone, are celebrating somewhere, having the time of their lives. Here it is almost philosophical and this philosophy is implanted truth. In the end it is called Verkackt Die Dritte (German) and does not need any also in the physical justification for the fact that life goes on, no matter who you are, what you want to be in the future, with whom you celebrate or share the bed. For whom one has just passed or one who still needs to; a mixture of grief, thoughtfulness, irony, fun and joy underline the last track and offer a perfect expression in a true understanding of life as well.

1. Y’aburnee (Arabic)
„a declaration of one´s hope that they´ll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them“

2. Tarvotur (Icelandic)
„wet, or damp with tears“

3. Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan)
„the wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start“

4. Je L’ai Câlissée Là (French)
„to break up with a romantic partner in a painful or abrupt way“

5. Tenalach (Irish)
„the relationship one has with the land, the air, the water, a deep connection that makes you one with nature“

6. Horilyts (Ukrainian)
„to lie with your face turned up to the sky“

7. Gezelligheid (Dutch)
„convivial, cosy, fun, quaint, or nice atmosphere; belongingness, time spent with loved ones, the fact of seeing a friend after a long absence, or general togetherness; the coziness, warmth and comfort of being at home, or being together with friends or loved ones sharing time in a pleasant and nice atmosphere“

8. Backpfeifengesicht (German)
„a person who needs to be slapped or punched“

9. Aay’han (Mando’a)
„the bittersweet perfect moment of mourning and joy – it is remembering those who are lost or gone, right as you celebrating or having the time of your life“

10. Verkackt Die Dritte (German)
no explanation

11. Tenalach (Irish)
Hannes Bieger Remix

BineMusic 037 CD

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